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A very timely sequel to my last post on this page. This week in Learning Disability Week and the focus is on employment.

Only 6% of people with a learning disability known to local authorities and who are of working age are in paid employment. Many studies have shown there are significant benefits for business that employ people with a learning disability, including boosting staff morale, improving the public image of your company and financial costs.

Please visit the Mencap page which is focussing on employment for more information and downloads for prospective employers and people looking for work.

Nick Radclyffe - Website Manager | 21 June 2017 | Email EalingHELP

“The website for parents/carers of children with disabilities living in Ealing”
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Pace Charitable Trust Pace Charitable Trust
PACE is a voluntary organisation promoting the inclusion of young disabled people in sports and leisure activities. They cater for young disabled people between the ages of 13 and 25 years old, their friends and siblings. Read More
Easy Read Short Breaks Statement 2017 Easy Read Short Breaks Statement 2017
This short breaks information is for children and young people 0-18 years old with a disability or complex needs and their families living in the London Borough of Ealing. Read More
Ealing  Bladder and Bowel Service Ealing Bladder and Bowel Service
The Bladder and Bowel Health Service caters for children of 4 years and above.  Read More
Ealing Parent Carers Forum Ealing Parent Carers' Forum
Our Ealing Parent Carer Forum was set up to give local parents a voice in planning and delivering services to children with disabilities/additional needs.  Read More
The Makaton Charity The Makaton Charity
Makaton is the UK’s leading language programme for children and adults with communication and learning difficulties, enabling them to interact with others. Makaton uses signs, symbols and speech to develop communication, language and literacy skills.   Read More
HOOP - Whats on HOOP - What's on
Hoop is  almost  a really useful app for families with children under the age of 12, including those with SEND.  Read More
Special Help 4 Special Needs Special Help 4 Special Needs
Mark Brown has worked with people with special needs for 30 years during which he has worked in long stay homes, including managing a home for adults with behavioural difficulties, as well as in direct work with parents and families. Read More
A Guide to Special Needs Cafés in the UK
Where to find cafés and restaurants that employ and train staff with special needs in the UK Read More
Community Team for Adults with Learning Disabilities Community Team for Adults with Learning Disabilities
More commonly known as Green Lane, the Community Team will be at the Ealing INFO Fair. To find out more please follow the link which will take you to the Ealing council site. Read More
Royal Society for Blind Children Royal Society for Blind Children
The RSBC can be found sharing a table with the Williams Syndrome at the Ealing SEND Fair. The RSBC are on a mission to make sure every single blind child has the self-belief and skills to fulfil the potential we know they’ve got. Read More
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Easy Read Manifesto?
Here are links to the main party manifestos available in easy read format. We have also included the dates of publication for your information. Read More
Want to Vote? Want to Vote?
With a general election coming up many people with a learning disability might be wondering how they can vote and who they should vote for. Read More
Changes to childrens services at Ealing Hospital Changes to children's services at Ealing Hospital
Last June improvements were made to children’s services across North West London, this led to the closure of the children’s overnight ward and children’s A&E at Ealing Hospital.  Read More
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Quickly check for any important meetings or events here. For other fun and sporty activities go to our events calendar page for more details.

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