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I remember starting off 2018 celebrating the fact that I had been working on EalingHELP for 10 years.

We're now approaching the end of the year with the knowledge that 2019 will be our last and that over the next few months we will preparing for the final transition to the Local Offer. We will continue to offer suggestions and ways in which improvements can be made and help in any way we can. We hope that EalingHELP will still be available till November although it won't be updated any further from the end of March.

Anyway, there's still a few months left at the moment and I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and let's hope that the New Year is good to us all.

Nick Radclyffe - Website Manager | 17 December 2018 | Email EalingHELP

“The website for parents/carers of children with disabilities living in Ealing”

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ESCAN Housing Surgery
Service on hold until further notice. Please see entry for Housing Advice Service. Read More
Ealing Specialist Advice Service Ealing Specialist Advice Service
Ealing Specialist Advice Service offers free, confidential advice to carers or adults with additional needs in Ealing. Read More
The London Community Team offers advice and information for families who have a child with Cerebral Palsy. The service includes Early Years Support, Advocacy, Education and Statement Support, Housing. Read More
Drayton Green Primary School
Has a Primary Support Base unit which caters for a small group of statemented children with a range of learning difficulties and/or behavioural difficulties. The children participate in the mainstream environment wherever possible. Read More
Locata Ealing Website Locata Ealing Website
Ealing Housing Options gives you the housing information you need so you can make the right choices.  Read More
Moorfields Eye Hospital
One of the world's leading hospitals for eye health. There are several community outreach centres, click on the link below for addreses and maps. http://www.moorfields.org.uk/Locations Read More
Independent Support Programme Independent Support Programme
Contact a Family Ealing and Southall - Independent Support Programme will provide help, advice and support to parents of children with SEN going through a statutory Education, Health and Care needs assessment and those who are transitioning over to the new Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) pr... Read More
Early Years Action Plus
If your child does not make enough progress in Early Years Action, their teacher or SENCO should talk to you about getting extra help from. This could be from, for example, a specialist teacher or a speech therapist.  Read More
Ealing Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service (CDT)
Occupational therapists have a special understanding of the skills children need to play, learn and look after themselves e.g. feeding, drawing, writing etc. They can develop programmes to help children overcome their difficulties in these areas. In Ealing we work with both parents and other profess... Read More
Energy Saving Trust
Energy grants have been replaced by the Energy Saving Trust advice centre (ESTac) London. This is the first point of contact for all Ealing residents and small businesses who need energy advice. It provides free and independent advice on behalf of the council on grants, general energy efficiency, ta... Read More
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Good news! Good news!
The Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, has announced new measures to support children with complex needs and disabilities. Read More
New Health Passport New Health Passport
The new Health Passport for adults (over 18s) is now available in digital form and you can download a copy right here. Read More
What about children with disabilities? What about children with disabilities?
The Disabled Children's Partnership  want to ask you to support the campaign calling on the Government to put children at the heart of its spending plans. Read More
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Quickly check for any important meetings or events here. For other fun and sporty activities go to our events calendar page for more details.

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