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We're having our first meeting with the Ealing Parent Carer Forum about the next Information Fair and I thought it would be a good idea to find out what you would like to see there.

Of course, we will be inviting all the regular contributors to our Events Calendar and our Local Service Providers. We would love to hear any suggestions you have. In particular we'll be trying to get the timing balance right. A lot of our exhibitors are one person bands (like EalingHELP) and it can be tricky for them to be able to stay all day. At the same time, working parents find it difficult to be there before 5 and others can only be there during school hours or at lunchtime. 

Let me know what you think!

Nick Radclyffe - Website Manager | 10 October 2016 | Email EalingHELP

“The website for parents/carers of children with disabilities living in Ealing”
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Autistic Intelligence Autistic Intelligence
Autistic Intelligence are a loosely affiliated group of worldwide experts in aspects of autism, a consultancy. Read More
Heller House
Heller House closed on 10th June 2016 and there is no longer any respite provision for under 18s in Ealing. There are respite facilities available in surrounding boroughs. Read More
Too Much Information VR App Too Much Information VR App
The National Autistic Society have recently launched an Virtual Reality App based on real experiences in consultation with autistic people. Read More
Argos - Independent Living Argos - Independent Living
Argos have produced a 'Welcome to Independent Living' section on their website, which offers an easy to navigate way of finding products specifically created to help people who find certain everyday tasks difficult.  Read More
PESTS is a Play/Activity/Craft and Support group for under 5's with a disability, and their families. We provide a playgroup on Tuesday and Friday mornings (term time only). As well as allowing the children to play together there are visiting speakers and therapists who work with the group.  Read More
Special Help 4 Special Needs Special Help 4 Special Needs
Mark Brown has worked with people with special needs for 30 years during which he has worked in long stay homes, including managing a home for adults with behavioural difficulties, as well as in direct work with parents and families. Read More
JettProof JettProof
JettProof manufacture breathable, sensory, compression undergarments which were originally created by two caring and concerned parents, for their child, Jett. Read More
Electric Eels Electric Eels
The Electric Eels are a family orientated swimming club specifically for the benefit of children with Downs Syndrome. Read More
Ealing Disabled Swimming Club Ealing Disabled Swimming Club
The Ealing Disability Swimming Squad provides structured swimming for disabled swimmers to compete and practice. Read More
Greenhouse Inclusive Swim Club Greenhouse Inclusive Swim Club
The Greenhouse Inclusive Swim Club is for disabled young people aged 8 - 16. They provide 1 hour structured lessons lead by ASA qualified teachers.  Read More
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Here I am Here I am
Learning disability has been invisible for too long. It’s time to see people with a learning disability for all they are and all they can be. Read More
Project Manager at ISAID! Project Manager at ISAID!
Alexandra Weber will be leaving her post as manager of the I SAID service at the end of November after 7 ½ years Read More
A new childrens respite unit in Ealing A new children's respite unit in Ealing
Siobhan Bryer has posted the following information on her petition page about the future of children's respite in Ealing. Read More
Autism Diagnosis Autism Diagnosis
Has your child received a diagnosis of Autism within the last two years? Ealing is being asked to do a Self Assessment of their implementation of the government's Autism Strategy. Essentially they are supposed to report back to central Government how well they are doing and what progress they have ... Read More
Paths to Utopia Paths to Utopia
King’s College London is proud to present an exciting new exhibition called ‘Epilepsy and the science of wiring and firing in the brain.’  Read More
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Quickly check for any important meetings or events here. For other fun and sporty activities go to our events calendar page for more details.

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