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The calendar is looking super busy. We've just added details of all the Speech and Language workshops coming up as well as Ealing Parent Carer Forum and Contact events. Tricky one that, the rebranding of Contact a Family to just 'Contact'. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Does anyone remember Consignia, as the Royal Mail was briefly known?

Talking of peculiar names there is also the Bladder and Bowel (or Nappy) Service survey running at the moment which I would urge you to complete. It won't take long, there's just a few questions and we certainly need some answers. The CCG is funding an all age service (including for children) but the NW London NHS Trust, who have the contract for delivering the service, tell them they cannot do so. Here is the link - Bladder & Bowel Service.

Nick Radclyffe - Website Manager | 20 September 2017 | Email EalingHELP

“The website for parents/carers of children with disabilities living in Ealing”
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Include Me Too Include Me Too
Include Me TOO (IM2) is a national charity supporting Black, Asian and Minority Communities disabled children, young people and their families from diverse range of backgrounds. Read More
Attitude is Everything Attitude is Everything
Attitude is Everything improves deaf and disabled people’s access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry. Read More
Surfability UK Surfability UK
Surfability UK was founded in July 2013 as a response to the high demand for inclusive surfing lessons. They're based in Swansea so for us the main problem would be the journey. However I guess all Ealing based surfers would be faced with the same problem. Read More
Dobsons Choice Dobson's Choice
Dobson's Choice will enable people who have no reading to find over 1000 websites that are Interesting, Relevant and Accessible. Websites are selected that have good multimedia or have information that is particularly interesting to people with learning disabilities. Read More
Carers Centre Carers Centre
A centre for carers where they can meet, relax, socialise, receive specialist support and advice.  Read More
Speech and Language Therapy
Speech and language therapy (paediatric) The Ealing Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy service works with children who have speech, language, communication and feeding difficulties. Read More
Ealing Parent Carers Forum Ealing Parent Carers' Forum
Our Ealing Parent Carer Forum was set up to give local parents a voice in planning and delivering services to children with disabilities/additional needs.  Read More
Introduction to EHC Plans Introduction to EHC Plans
A comprehensive introduction to EHC PLans writtten by Sean Kennedy, a barrister with DH Law.    Read More
Family Action run an impartial advice and support service for children and young people, aged 0-25 with additional needs, and their families. Read More
PACE Charitable Trust PACE Charitable Trust
PACE provide support and encouragement to young people aiming to succeed in athletics and sports. Read More
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Bladder & Bowel Survey Results Bladder & Bowel Survey Results
Results of the recent Bladder and Bowel Survey with some distressing comments from parents. Read More
Bladder and Bowel Service Bladder and Bowel Service
This is a brief update on the Ealing Parent Carer Forum’s discussions with the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) about the problems with the Bladder & Bowel Service. Read More
Ealing Mencap Travel Skills Project Ealing Mencap Travel Skills Project
The Ealing Mencap Travel Skills Project offers a tailor-made support program of travel skills as an alternative for people who are unable to access free transport assistance from their borough. Read More
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Quickly check for any important meetings or events here. For other fun and sporty activities go to our events calendar page for more details.

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