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A big week coming up as the last month of the year approaches with both the Big Health Check on 5 DEC and Preparing for Adulthood on the 6 DEC. Just follow the links to find out more about both these events. 

We've had a bit of a roller coaster few weeks recently but hopefully we're back on course with a few new twists which you can expect to see materialising over the next few months. We're delighted to welcome Brigitte Bistrick-Bryan, from the Ealing Parent Carer Forum, to our blog pages again (she wrote the P.E.S.T.S blog in the past) and you can read her first contribution here - Life at the Forum (EPCF).  Tech glitch note - I am working out a way to allow comments!

We also have the results of their recent EHC Plan survey on the site. There seems to be a quite a bit on EHC Plans at the moment with the Council for Disabled Children also producing their Analysis of the Ombudsman's Report into the first 100 complaints received about EHC Plans.

Nick Radclyffe - Website Manager | 28 November 2017 | Email EalingHELP

“The website for parents/carers of children with disabilities living in Ealing”

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Otakar Kraus Music Trust Otakar Kraus Music Trust
An extraordinary group of music therapists, the Otakar Kraus Music Trust was started by Margaret Lobo, who is one of those amazing women that just never seems to stop achieving whatever she wants. Luckily her drive is very much focused on helping kids with all sorts of disabilities. Read More
Ealing Parent Carers Forum Ealing Parent Carers' Forum
Our Ealing Parent Carer Forum was set up to give local parents a voice in planning and delivering services to children with disabilities/additional needs.  Read More
Disability Grants Disability Grants
Without a shadow of doubt, the most comprehensive site, that constantly monitors Charities and Trusts offering funds to people with disabilities. Read More
Mencap Wills and Trusts Team Mencap Wills and Trusts Team
Mencap’s Wills and Trusts Team offers free information and guidance on how you can make sure your child is provided for when you’re no longer around. Read More
Christians Against Poverty Christians Against Poverty
A national UK counselling charity that works with churches to help people out of debt and poverty.  Read More
Family Fund Family Fund
The Family Fund are the UK’s largest provider of grants to low-income families raising disabled and seriously ill children and young people. They can help with essential items such as washing machines, fridges and clothing but can also consider grants for sensory toys, computers and much needed fam... Read More
Include Me Too Include Me Too
Include Me TOO (IM2) is a national charity supporting Black, Asian and Minority Communities disabled children, young people and their families from diverse range of backgrounds. Read More
Attitude is Everything Attitude is Everything
Attitude is Everything improves deaf and disabled people’s access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry. Read More
Surfability UK Surfability UK
Surfability UK was founded in July 2013 as a response to the high demand for inclusive surfing lessons. They're based in Swansea so for us the main problem would be the journey. However I guess all Ealing based surfers would be faced with the same problem. Read More
Dobsons Choice Dobson's Choice
Dobson's Choice will enable people who have no reading to find over 1000 websites that are Interesting, Relevant and Accessible. Websites are selected that have good multimedia or have information that is particularly interesting to people with learning disabilities. Read More
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Mainstream SEN Support Mainstream SEN Support
Earlier this month the EPCF also ran a quick survey on SEN Support in Mainstream schools. Inclusion in mainstream settings is one of the most frequently raised issues on the EPCF's Issue Log. Read More
EHCP Survey results EHCP Survey results
We have the results in from the Ealing Parent Carer Forum's recent survey (October '17) on how parents have been coping with their children's Education, Health and Care Plans.   Read More
Overnight Respite News Overnight Respite News
Since the closure of Heller House a group of dedicated parents together with Jen Moseley from EalingMencap have remained closely involved in the planning of the new overnight respite facility Ealing will build at a Northolt site. For all those families waiting for information on progress and what t... Read More
Restraint in Special Schools Restraint in Special Schools
We've just heard about this investigation into physical restraint and thought we should share. Read More
Bladder & Bowel Survey Results Bladder & Bowel Survey Results
Results of the recent Bladder and Bowel Survey with some distressing comments from parents. Read More
Bladder and Bowel Service Bladder and Bowel Service
This is a brief update on the Ealing Parent Carer Forum’s discussions with the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) about the problems with the Bladder & Bowel Service. Read More
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Quickly check for any important meetings or events here. For other fun and sporty activities go to our events calendar page for more details.

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