Event Detail

Planned Play Session

13 December 2018
09:30 10:30
Speech & Language


A planned play session for parents/carers and their children under 5 who have social and communication needs.

Especially for children with attention and social interaction difficulties, such as eye contact, playing with peers, understanding what is happening around them  or focusing on activities. Also suitable for children with speech and language concerns or children with Down's Syndrome.

The course will run from 15th November till 13th December.

The sessions will include:

  • Free and planned play
  • Table top and adult led activities
  • Sensory Play
  • Attention builders
  • Support and strategies for parents

The sessions will be lead by Early Year practitioners with some Speech Therapy messages.

Places for 'Fun and Learn' are strictly limited to 8 children and their parents. You will need to commit to attending all 5 sessions.

To book your place please contact Raj on 020 8571 1219 or 020 8813 8079.