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School Funding Focus Group

20 November 2017
10:00 12:00
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School and High Needs Funding in Ealing

As a result of changes the national government has made to the way schools are funded local authorities are faced with new restrictions on the way they can finance Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

There are several options proposed for local authorities to contain costs within the resources allocated by Central Government and meet the needs of children and young people.

Schools Forum* will consider the issues in November with decisions expected to be taken in January 2018.

This focus group meeting is an opportunity for parents and carers to communicate their priorities directly to Gary Redhead (Assistant Director Schools Planning & Resources) and other LA Officers. The meeting will take place in MM1.5 on 1st Floor at Perceval House.

Given that needs will increase and funding will be reduced the discussion will revolve around the following question:

“What would be your 3 priorities for SEND support in Ealing’s schools?”

Please let Brigitte, at the EPCF, know if you are planning on attending as spaces are limited. You can contact her at info@epcf.org.uk.

*Ealing Schools Forum consist of Ealing headteachers, governors, two councillors and other stakeholders and is used by the Local Authority to consult on such matters as: any proposed changes to the school funding formula including the financial effect of any such change; the local authority’s function relating to the schools’ budget in connection with education of pupils with special educational needs, early years education, use of pupil referral units, education of children otherwise than at school, insurance, free school meals, allocation of central government grants and scheme for the financing of schools.