Educational Psychology Service

This is an Integrated Service for Children with Disabilities.

The Service applies psychological principles to the processes of teaching, learning and behaviour and works closely with parents, teachers, school special educational needs co–ordinators (SENCOs) and other professionals involved with children and young people.

The majority of requests for involvement come from schools and each Educational Psychologist is allocated responsibility for a number of schools, which they visit on a regular basis. They often act as consultants to parents and staff within the school, advising them on the problems that have been identified. Educational Psychologists also work on a one–to–one basis with pupils, assessing their difficulties and advising on strategies for helping them.

recent photo of the educational pschologists team

Recent photo of the Educational Psychology Team at Carmelita House in July 2012

Children who have not reached school age but who have significant difficulties are referred to the Educational Psychologist for advice by Early Year’s settings or by the Child Development Team. Parental permission is required before a child is individually seen and, in any case, an Educational Psychologist would always want to talk to a child’s parents as part of an assessment.

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