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Hoop is almost a really useful app for families with children under the age of 12, including those with SEND. 

Where the app falls short is a slight complication with the way SEND results are accessed. They are listed as a category on the home page and if you scroll down you will be be able to select SEND and see all the events that are listed in date order. However if you decide to use the date selection at the top of the home page you will not find SEND listed as a category when you try to filter results.

Having said that the information is presented in a very clear and easy to understand manner. As an organisation they are concentrating on rolling out in as many locations in the UK as possible.

However that gripe over, it is well worth downloading to your phone and having a look. Use these links to help you.

App Store link    Google Play link





Click here to visit HOOP - What's on's website.




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