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There are an amazing number of organisations and groups providing support for a huge variety of people!

This section of the site contains details of organisations all over the UK and beyond if relevant.


This directory is no longer updated and some of the information you might find here could be out of date.

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Clothing & Footwear

CAPR Style

07804 512 186

CAPR-Style Ltd is a Scottish-based company. They manufacture handmade adaptive clothing for those with additional support needs. ... Read More »

Easy Belts


"One of those things that you don't think about much until you witness your son coming back from the loo in a restaurant with his... Read More »

Easy Tie

Another take on tying up shoelaces. Easy Tie do this by making a lace that doesn't flop around and where each lace is a differen... Read More »

Greepers Laces

01242 279 381

Probably the best way to describe this company is to read what users have to say about their laces! Read More »


JettProof manufacture breathable, sensory, compression undergarments which were originally created by two caring and concerned pa... Read More »

Living made easy

0845 130 9177

Lots of products listed on the children's section of the Disabled Living Foundation website. Although you can't buy directly, the... Read More »

National Orthotics

A lot of children with disabilities have poor muscle tone. This can lead to collapsed arches and it is advisable to use appropriat... Read More »


Oojamabob is a nonsense word Abbi made up to cover the range of sensory items she makes, all of which are available to order on h... Read More »


Indoor and outdoor clothes for children with special needs. Also swim wear and some toys. Special needs clothing that blends in ... Read More »

Totally Yours

Totally Yours is a  directory and information site, created by Janet Welch. Janet is the mother of a 18 year old boy with severe ... Read More »

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