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Education is often one of the most fraught areas for parents of children with disabilities. To include or not to include. Will my child be cared for, will they be picked on, where do I go if things don't work out?

At the risk of repeating myself on every page of the site, please use the comments facility to tell other parents about your child's school. The more you start using this, the more powerful it becomes.

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Early Years and Pre-school

Early Support Keyworking Service

020 8825 7746

Early Support is a government initiative that provides the opportunity to develop new and more coordinated ways of working with young children with disabilities and their families....
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Early Years Action

If your child needs special help with their learning, preschools or nurseries may provide this through a way of helping children called 'Early Years Action'. Your child's teachers ...
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Early Years Action Plus

If your child does not make enough progress in Early Years Action, their teacher or SENCO should talk to you about getting extra help from. This could be from, for example, a spec...
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Ealing Pre-school Learning Alliance

020 8567 5247

The Pre-School Learning Alliance is an educational charity.
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