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For a lot of our children the opportunities to socialise are few and far between, particularly if your child is in mainstream education.

There are quite a few Clubs and Groups in and around Ealing so have a look and choose somewhere for them to mix.


This section is no longer updated and some of the information you might find here could be out of date.

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Ealing Youth

This website is for young people who live, work or study anywhere in Ealing. Just click on the links to find out about activ... Read More »

Full Potential Ealing

0845 688 2525

Full Potential promotes the welfare and interests of deaf people whose first or preferred language is sign language. Full Potentia... Read More »

Ladbroke Grove Autism Centre

020 8962 3010

Anyone who has a diagnosis on the autism spectrum can apply to use these services. The centre takes self-referrals and referrals m... Read More »

Otakar Kraus Music Trust

07435 062212

An extraordinary group of music therapists, the Otakar Kraus Music Trust was started by Margaret Lobo, who is one of those amazin... Read More »

Our Barn

0300 777 2800

Our Barn runs community based activities providing learning, life skills, and social interaction for young people aged between 16... Read More »

Redlees Adventure Playground

A redevelopment of the Under Fives Centre at Redlees Park in Isleworth, this looks like a great place to go. It is run by an ... Read More »

Southall Opportunity Playgroup

020 8813 8220

Provide part-time care for children with physical or learning disabilities alongside children without disabilities or special need... Read More »

Southall Opportunity Pre School

020 8813 8220

Opportunity Pre School run playschemes during the holidays. Fun and constructive including: computers, arts and crafts, cookery, o... Read More »

The Log Cabin

020 8840 3400

The Log Cabin is an inclusive adventure playground for children and young people aged 4-15 who have special needs or disabilities... Read More »

Westside Youth Club

020 8567 2821

Westside is the new name for the W13 Youth Club after its extensive refurbishment. Looking a bit like mega trendy offices at the m... Read More »

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