Ealing 21

Ealing 21 is a group of parents and their children that meet several times a year to support, encourage, educate, laugh, cry and all those other things that come with having a child with Down Syndrome – mainly we laugh, share information and eat cake!

We are very welcoming and love meeting new families and sharing our knowledge and help. If a parent is new to the group (or indeed new to having a child with Down Syndrome) we are very happy to meet up separately to talk through issues, or to meet before parties and make introductions. We want people to feel welcome not overwhelmed.

We hold three main events a year:

  • World Down Syndrome Party (on or around March 21st)
  • Ealing 21 Summer Party
  • Ealing 21 Christmas Party

In addition, we offer two or three Parents Nights out per year, so we can get together in an adult environment and have a meal, a drink and a chat and learn about each other outside being parents of children with SEN!

Where we learn about events, activities, groups, offers, information etc that we think may be of interest to parents in the group we share via email or on EalingHelp or on our closed group Facebook page (Ealing 21). All members are invited to do likewise.

If you would like to join in then use the contact details on this page to find out more.



T 1: Paola Nono 07779 101 097
T 2: Samantha Hibbert 07971 610 541
Email: paolanono@hotmail.com
Email : samanthalhibbert@gmail.com

Disabled Toilets: N/A
Wheelchair access: N/A