EalingHELP Survey results

Read the results of our User Survey which took place between the 15th June and 27th July 2012. You can download a copy here:

EalingHELP User Survey 2012

If you would like an alternative format then please contact me or use Zamzar to convert to a suitable format.

Generally we seem to be performing to a reasonable level with the Home Page working for a lot of you in terms of locating information. Overall impressions of the site suggested that the majority of the site was good and providing the information you need. Pages that were only rated as Average included the Events Calendar and the Forum.

I think that the Events Calendar is hindered by the category selection with the majority of respondees finding it Not very Easy to use these. Consequently I will be looking at simplifying this whole process.

The Forum is not used at all and I will be looking at replacing this with links to Forums that you use and engage with, so any recommendations will be gratefully received.


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