Communicating Partners Center

I came across this site after watching a 9 year old girl with Down Syndrome talking on You Tube. Here they are as I have copied from the site:

"The Communicating Partners Center is guided by one major belief: that parents are in the best position to make sure their child develops social and communicative skills to their potential."

 Dr. MacDonald developed this web site with five missions in mind:

  1. To provide parents with information and practical tools for taking a more active role in helping their child socialize and communicate
  2. To discuss findings from a 27 year clinical research program fostering parent child communication from infancy to adolescence
  3. To show how absolutely essential early parent child play relationships are, especially for children who do not easily socialize and communicate
  4. To share many successful stories of children with delays such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Attention disorders, and other Late Talking Children
  5. To provide practical problem solving dialogs that address frequently asked questions about learning to talk

This is me back again, I firmly believe that we have to create social situations and encourage and manipulate until these interventions become superfluous!

Author: Dr. James D. MacDonald
Link: Click Here


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