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Education Services

‘Can the SENS team provide my child with glasses or a hearing aid?’

No they cannot provide these personal items or batteries for hearing aids.

‘How do I get my child referred to the SENS team?’

Through the school SENCO.

‘I live in Ealing but my child is at an out of borough school - can they still be referred to SENS?’


‘My child is at a private school - can they still be referred to the SENS team?’


Can I discuss my concerns in person?

Yes, drop in appointments or home visits are available on request.

Can someone come with me to meetings?

Yes, An advisor can attend meetings with you.

Can someone give me advice on Special Needs?

Yes. Advisors are available to give independent and impartial advice on Special Educational Needs and Disability issues.

Can someone give me information on support groups?

Yes. An advisor can you give you informatin on available support groups in the borough. This information is also on our websie and is updated regularly.

Can someone help me to write letters or reports about my child?

Yes. Advisors can give support and advice to parent/carers on whay they may need to include when responding to letters or reports or writing their parental contribution to a statutory assessment.

Can someone tell me how to request a Statutory Assessment of my child's needs?

Yes. An advisor can explain the process and give information and advice on the Statutory Assessment process and procedures.

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