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Can I get a grant to insulate my house?

Yes if you are on means tested benefit or aged over 60.

Do I qualify for a Repairs Grant?

Yes if you are an owner occupier, your house is “unfit” and you are on a means tested benefit.

Do I qualify for the Handyperson Service?

Yes if you are disabled or are aged over 60.

How can I change my band?

Your band may change if there is a change in your circumstance or you move to a new home. For example, a change in your family composition, or medical reasons. An applicant may go into a higher/lower band if there is a change in their circumstances. If you move up a band, your priority date will be the date that you moved into that band.

How can I get hold of Locata Home (freesheet)

The Housing offices and libraries are the main places. You can also access the freesheet via the Locata website.

How do I find out what band I am in?

You will be notified of your band, the reason why you are in that band and your priority date once we have assessed your application.

How do I get help with bidding for properties?

The Rehousing Choice Officers within the Allocations Unit are available to explain how the system works and will assist you with bidding if you wish. Some voluntary agencies have been briefed and trained on how to assist vulnerable clients. The Mental Health Team also assist those with mental illness / disability. We monitor to check that members are bidding (applying) for properties. If they are not, we write to them to find out why.

How long do I have to wait before I get rehoused?

This depends on a number of factors – what properties you bid for, what band you are in and your priority date within that band.

How many properties can I bid for; will it be unlimited?

Properties will be advertised in the free sheet. Members may make up to three bids per free sheet.

I have a change in my circumstances.

You should contact your housing officer to advise of any changes; you may be required to complete a change of circumstance form, depending on the nature of the change. Your band may change once you have been reassessed.

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