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It's exciting and slightly scary at the same time: tomorrow the three days of performances of "Something-in-the-Air" by Oily Cart, organised by P.E.S.T.S., will start. Sue, our Project Manager, had taken her own daughter to one of their shows and was so impressed that she wanted to bring this amazing interactive show to children in Ealing.

There were many hurdles in her way, amongst them finding a suitable venue (a high enough hall for the aerial acrobatics was required) and, even harder, finding the funding. But some of her enthusiasm clearly rubbed off on quite a lot of people and shortly before Christmas we had been offered the use of a hall for free (St. Benedict's School in Ealing) and a big-enough chunk of the funding required to start thinking it was going to be possible after all.

So then all there was to do for her was to find staff who were willing to work 3 full days during the Easter holidays, train them in the use of hoists and pass the good news onto the families of children in Ealing with profound and multiple learning delay and / or autism. They are the children this show is targeted at and who will hopefully have a great time. In the end we could open the show to children outside Ealing as well and had quite a few very excited parents on the phone who confirmed that there was rarely anything on offer their children could genuinely enjoy.

So from tomorrow on 6 children per show will swing in their chairs next to their parents or carers, hopefully enjoy a unique multi-sensory experience with lots of movement and have an experience they and their parents won't forget for a while. With a bit of luck we'll even capture some of their experiences with our cameras and will be able to share it with you. Watch this space!

Brigitte writing about Life at P.E.S.T.S on 11 April 2012

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