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This term is so short and I hardly dare to call it spring term, it certainly doesn't feel very spring-like today with snow flurries everywhere.

It has been a busy and good time at P.E.S.T.S. nonetheless. Apart from our usual sessions at Heller House, the parents had lots of fun treating themselves to a night out at the Park Royal Bowling Centre. Some of us might have needed the barriers on the sides of the lane up to prevent consistent zero rounds but who cares? It was a good night out!

The kids then had a fantastic time at our Heathrow Gym Party at the beginning of February. Possibly our most popular trip destination and full to the last place it was wonderful to see so many children (and some parents) enjoying themselves enormously jumping, sliding, climbing, swinging or enjoying the fantastic sensory room there.

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And then last week the Opera came to P.E.S.T.S. in the form of the SPIN production. Whilst some of us had some concerns about how "our" children would react to operatic singing it turned out that the production was much more than singing. There was lots of interaction with the children, acting, props and puppets and it was lovely to see the enjoyment on the children's faces.

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As we are now already approaching the Easter holidays the future of our Sibling Workshops is very much on our minds. After our Pilot Project in the autumn term we have managed to run / arrange follow up sessions for the 2 established groups and have recently visited a parent coffee morning at Springhallow School to introduce them to a wider audience. Many of the parents were very interested. Unfortunately our grant application to the Ealing Small Grant scheme has been unsuccessful and I have started to look for funding elsewhere. We will definitely not give up on this as it becomes clearer and clearer all the time that this is very much an issue for many families. If you are interested please contact me on 07914 311298.

Brigitte writing about Life at P.E.S.T.S on 11 March 2013

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