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It’s the middle of the summer holidays and time for a quick blog, I think.

So much news... Most of you will know by now that Sue, our Project Manager for the last 6 years, is leaving P.E.S.T.S. at the end of this month. She has seen P.E.S.T.S. through many changes and has certainly put the organisation on a solid foundation finding her way through the rules and regulations out there for a group like us and making sure we all got there in the end. Parents and staff alike are very sorry to see her leave and wish her all the best for the future.

So we are looking for someone to fill her shoes… if you think you might be interested, e-mail us or phone the office on 0208 571 9954 and we will send you an application pack. The job comes with all sorts of fun filled extras like our “spacious” garage-extension-based office with a dodgy heating system (though Bill the Heller House handyman and gardener next door is a genuine asset, always willing to fix shelves and other broken furniture). But joking aside we would love to hear from anyone who thinks they would like to give us a try!

sue and angela


party time

We were able to say our official good bye to Sue at our P.E.S.T.S. Summer Party last Saturday at Enterprise Lodge. It was a lovely, sunny day, enabling families to use the wonderful garden at the Lodge, improved not only by the new playground equipment but also, on this occasion, a big bouncy castle. Mowki the Clown again managed to engage children who usually shy away from more “traditional” children’s entertainment, Magical Mike showed off his magic tricks to a fascinated audience and the Newmoor Barn African Drumming group rounded up the event, again making it possible for so many children to not just enjoy the drumming and rhythm sounds but also have a go themselves with great pleasure. Around 100 people turned up, including some new families who had never been to any of our events before, and everyone had a great time.

So now our summer fun is over, most of us are taking our own leave for a few weeks and will return, with renewed vigour, in September. I hope you all have a good summer and look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events. Our play sessions at Heller House will start again on Tuesday 10th September at 10.30am.

Brigitte writing about Life at P.E.S.T.S on 19 August 2013

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