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After another prompt from Nick (albeit a gentle one!), I am finally writing a few words about the happenings at P.E.S.T.S.

It’s been a long time. And an extremely busy time! More changes, many new families and new challenges in the environment we work in.

Katerina had to leave us in March due to family circumstances and Joy Barton took over as Project Manager in April. Many of you will have met her by now and we were very happy to welcome her to the P.E.S.T.S. family. Our play sessions have continued to run at Heller House and are as busy as ever. This year the dry months of June, July and September meant we could enjoy the wonderful garden longer than in the last few years, particularly after we purchased a new trampoline for the more active children to bounce on.

We held some parties and organised an additional trip to the Hounslow Urban Farm in the summer holidays, which was a great success and very popular with our families. If you have never witnessed pigs racing each other (or deciding not to, in the case of one!) this is the place to go! All the children got to experience and touch many different animals, from cute little chicks to exotic snakes and lizards, and loved it!

Hello, I'm a weird animal

We had barely started the new term in September with a full program of Special Needs Yoga sessions, a First Aid course and many more activities and speakers lined up when we heard about the council’s plans to potentially close Heller House as a respite unit, which would make it impossible for us to continue to run our sessions there. The plans are very much still in the consultation period and we obviously hope we can stay, but just to reassure everyone that whatever happens we will continue as a group wherever we find a place to run our sessions. New families are starting with us every week and after celebrating our 33rd birthday last month we hope to continue our work for the next 33 years!

Hope to write again soon!

Brigitte writing about Life at P.E.S.T.S on 09 October 2014

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