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Luke, as he does, turned round to Anne this morning and announced that tomorrow would be his last day at school and it will have been 15 years since he started!

Well I can't argue with that - for a start his mental math skills are way ahead of mine! So the past couple of weeks have been busy with a Leaver's Prom, a Leaver's Night and an I Love Thunder workshop - all at Pield Heath. Luke was presented with the Morgan Allison Award for Student of the Year 2016 by one of the school governors, Jill Boyd. Just for the record he has received Student of the Year Awards everytime he has left a school. Not that I'm bragging, or super proud. He really does work very hard and he has flourished at Pield Heath, it has been a pleasure watching him develop as a person. Growing more comfortable with himself. I was talking about this earlier with a friend and this - I think we used the term, emotional awareness, is such an important part of our children's development. The ability to be comfortable with who you are and how you relate to your peers and the people around you. The ability to acknowledge the way you're feeling and to ask for help when you need it. The importance of enjoying learning for what it is rather than to satisfy others.

Luke and Jill Boyd 

Earlier he had performed his own composition, Save the World (if you're going to set yourself a challenge then you might as well go the whole way). Luke sang and played the tune himself with just some very delicate accompaniment from Sadie, his music teacher, on guitar. A very quirky stage set up looking a bit techno. Check out that headset! I'll see if I can persuade him to repeat the performace at home and record it.  

So now - we wait. The SEN Panel will meet on Thursday to decide on funding for Luke's choice of college and we're still waiting to find out when the Social Care team will do the same. Tomorrow is his last day at Pield Heath and we don't know what is happening next. Although we can be assured by the fact that we're not the first to be in this situation and certainly not the last. 

We have actually heard that the SEN Panel have approved the education element of Luke's EHC Plan! Hurray! The Social Care Panel will meet on 2 August so, at the moment, everything that is crossable is crossed.

Nick Radclyffe writing about Life at EalingHELP on 19 July 2016

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