"Spectacular - a capable fair"

20 June 2018
11:00 – 15:00


Spectacular - a capable fair promises to be an amazing occasion.

The idea came from one of the Ealing Power Group's regular meetings with service providers in Ealing earlier this year. It turned out that many of the different groups in Ealing are involved in crafts in one way or the other and they all thought it would be a great idea to organise a craft fair together.

a beautiful butterfly

Craft Stalls

Groups taking part are as follows:

Click on any name above to find out more about the group.

Capability Town

All of the organisations are here because they have been visited by the Power Group over the past year. The Group are really hoping for a chance to meet more people with learning disabilities. They will be working on an idea called 'Capability Town' and you will find more information about this right here over the next few weeks.

The idea is based on a landscape designer called Capability Brown who would literally move mountains, create lakes and build monuments for the aristocracy. His real name was Lancelot! We though it would be a great idea to find out what sort of place we would like to live in if we had that sort of capability! We will be creating an art piece during Spectacular, which will include sound and film based on interviews and discussions taking place throughout the day.


So far there will be Smoothie workshops on the My Space stall, Hand massages with Impact and Makaton Demos on the Cowgate stand. 

Practical Things

Impact Theatre, who are kindly hosting the event at their wonderful premises in Perivale, would like to point out that there is plenty of free parking next to their building. You will find a map link at the top of this page which iwll show you exactly where they are.

Please contact Nick Radclyffe for more information about the event at nick.radclyffe@ealingmencap.org.uk or 07767 445 318.