Drama Sessions

30 June 2018
15:30 – 17:00


West London Performing Arts run 2 Saturday sessions for students with SEN – including Autism, Down's Syndrome or any other Special Educational Need.

Both classes offer singing, dancing and drama lessons, and all students get to appear in an end of term performance.

All mainstream students automatically work towards the end of term performance and the SEN students perform when they are ready. No child needs to participate in the performance until they feel comfortable, as it can be quite daunting for some children and they may find it difficult to cope with (loud, music, lights and lots of people).

Age groups

  • Our under 14 SEN class 3.30pm – 5pm does not have a starting age, however the youngest child currently is 3 three years old.  So three upwards is fine.
  • Our over 14 SEN class 3.30pm – 5pm goes up to age 21 at the moment.


The cost per term for the SEN Class is £150 for the 1.5 hour class.

Should children join the mainstream class (1.30 - 3.30pm) then the 2 hour class is £200 for the term. The age group for this session is 3 to 16 years of age and if students are happy in an inclusive class then they will be welcome to join in.

Our aim is for integration and breaking down barriers and creating an environment where, equality, participation and inclusion are the norm and where we can create a sense of community spirit and belonging. 

For more information please contact Michelle at info@westlondonperformingartsacademy.com or on 020 3637 8826.