Big Splash Summer Sessions

30 July 2018
16:00 – 16:00
Sports and Activities


The Big Splash Trust Summer scheme offers families with disabled children the chance for the whole family to spend time together in a safe, fun, sensory stimulating environment.

Swimming sessions in Jack Tizard's Hydro Pool run alongside play sessions including sensory storytelling, inclusive sports & games, arts & craft, multi-sensory play. Also visiting the scheme this year are Zoolab, Special Yoga, Blink Dance Theatre and the Science Museum.

Who can attend?

Disabled children and young people aged between 3 - 25yrs along with their siblings and a supporting parent/carer.

When Is It?

From Monday 23rd July – Friday 10th August (excluding weekends)

Daily Session:

Sessions are split into 2 age groups:

  • Children aged 3-11 are welcome between 9am-1pm
  • Young people aged 12-25 are welcome between 2- 4pm.

Children & young people MUST be supervised by a parent/carer at all times.

Stay for Lunch:

The playground and hall will be available for everyone to bring their own picnic lunch between 1pm-2pm and have lunch together.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! All the workshops, use of the hydrotherapy pool and play equipment is completely FREE.

Donations to The Big Splash Trust are welcome and help us to continue.

The Hydrotherapy Pool

Jack Tizard’s Hydrotherapy Pool is a wonderful state-of the-art sensory environment.

The sessions within the hydrotherapy pool includes 30 minutes in the water with multi-sensory equipment. 15 minutes is allocated for changing either side of the water session. A lifeguard will be on poolside at all times, however, parents/carers will need to get into the pool to adequately support all their children.

To attend a hydrotherapy sessions, please request your place by completing the booking form (see link below)

You can download the form the links on this page .

Stay and Play – see booking form for details

Play Sessions will run every day during the summer scheme alongside hydrotherapy sessions. Families can also enjoy the accessible playground, multi-sensory room and soft play area.


On specific days we have outside professionals visiting the scheme to run workshops. Below are the dates and information about some of the amazing workshops that are coming in to entertain us over the summer. Please note these shows are all FREE but you will need to book to in advance to attend them, some have limited spaces available.

Blink Dance Theatre – Tuesday 24th July

Promote the artistic potential in everyone and celebrate individuality. Stimulating sensory experiences: captivating the senses using smells, textures, sounds and activities designed to bring the story to life, making it meaningful to the participants.

Special Yoga – Thursday 26th July

Yoga is a 5000 year old practice of mind, body and spirit. The therapeutic yoga sessions create a wonderful sense of community; the pupils can see each other and can get close to each other, to interact with one another whilst following the poses and special moves.

Zoolab – Wednesday 1st August

Zoolab gives you a chance to have a handling experience, to get up close and personal with ZooLab's creepy, crawly animal colleagues – like snails, snakes, scorpions, tarantulas...and many more.

Science Museum – Tuesday 7th August

Science Museum will visit us this summer with their fun science based shows. An interesting way of learning by sensory experiences. For primary, Bubble Show and Slime Show during the morning. In the afternoon, Communication Show for secondary.

What to do next?

Fill out the booking Form as soon as possible to request your place. It is available from here - Swim and Play Booking Form 2018. Please email to address below.

NOTE: iPad and Mac users must make sure the form is returned in word or PDF formats when emailing for the application to be processed.

You can also return by post or in person to Jack Tizard School.

Please note:  a member of the hydro team will contact you to confirm your requested dates.

If you need any help please do contact the Hydro Pool Team at Jack Tizard School, W12 7PA on 020 87353597 or at

Please book early to avoid disappointment!