16 August 2018
11:00 – 12:00


NAS Acton Service are running 2 Music and Dance Workshops on Thursday 9th and 16th August at their Café Project in Acton.

Poster for Spectrum with a big hand reaching towards a rainbow

Since February, Michael Alexander (Music Volunteer) and Holli Pendleton (Vocational Skills Coordinator) have been working on an original music and movement piece for the summer performance. For several weeks the music group have been experimenting with different rhythms, movements and vocalisations. Some of these have been created by the people we support themselves.  Michael has been establishing some simple rhythms to help the people we support work as a collective and Holli has been choreographing some simple movement with props to encourage imagination and creativity from the people we support. This  has been put together to produce one single piece.

Shold you wish to find out more then please contact Holli at Holli.Pendleton@nas.org.uk