Summer Gardening

10 August 2018
11:00 – 15:00


Our Barn are running extra activities at their Gardening sessions throughout the summer.

Today you'll be planning, making and hopefully eating a picnic in the Great Meadow at Osterley Park. The Great Meadow is an ancient meadow which has never been ploughed and which is rich in wild flowers in the summer.

Gardening at Jubilee Lodge

The group learns horticulure from skilled gardeners and gain relevant work experience. They have their own base for bad weather and are also happy to work with schools and colleges (the specialist unit at West Thames are regulars). Sessions are on Mondays and Fridays throughout the year but please check before turning up.

Sessions are free and suitable for people aged 16 - 25. You will NOT need to bring a packed lunch today as you'll be eating the picnic that you made!

To book a place or find our more please contact Judith Sheppard by email at

Please Note

It is a long walk to Jubilee Lodge from the Car Park at Osterley. However if you do use the car park explain that you're dropping someone off at Jubilee Lodge and they often let you park at no charge. I'm not sure if this is an offical agreement or not! You can get closer by car along Osterley Lane. Please click on the map link to see exactly where it is.