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The hottest day of the year with thunderstorms expected - thank goodness for our new roof! The scaffolders are with us today, taking away the beautiful structure that has surrounded our house for the past month or so.

I will miss all the trips up to admire the tiles - there's something very satisfying about slate. Shame we won't be able to see them so well from now on! Here's a photo so you can share in my enthusiasm.

We've also had a very busy month with the band. Vince has come back to rehearsals after his prolonged stay in hospital and is now whizzing about with a walker. He actually joined us at our gig on Saturday over at Pield Heath, which was great fun. The audience was lined up against the hall wall in a skinny strip of shade. Dan was sweating more than he did on his Osterley 10K! Have I told you how well he and his dad Jeff did? They managed to raise over £1400 for I Love Thunder. We're now planning a trip to a studio in Wales later in the year. Should be amazing! It's on the site of an old hippy commune which used to host loads of music and stuff during the seventies. Eric should fit right in.

You might have noticed how many consultations there are on the site at the moment. Everything has to measured and quantified and outputted and inputted and classified and ... well you get the picture. I wonder where me writing about roofs fits in to all this? With data protection, the problem seems to be that we all need to repeat significant amounts of information with every organisation we deal with. It would seem like there should be a middle ground we could tread. How many times do you need to asked your ethnicity?

Nick Radclyffe writing about Life at EalingHELP on 01 July 2015

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