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I thought I would share Luke's poem with you. He can be a tricky character at times, resorting to formulaic solutions to birthday cards and things like that.

For ages he's been writing down the numbers on the front of our cards until he reaches the appropriate total. Admittedly for some of us just that process is an act of dedication in itself! Colouring is definitely optional. With Anne he can often be quite undemonstrative and yet this is how she was greeted yesterday morning:

To Mum

The sweetness blossoms in spring and may the love shines through to you

The sun reminds me that someone is the sun in my life and that is you 

So happy mother day and it shall spread throughout the world of your own

This poem is by Luke 

I suppose he added that last bit just in case she wasn't sure. He also decided that he wouldn't go to youth club as it was Mother's Day!

The kids are all now at different stages in their lives, the youngest was discovering clubbing this weekend and is still in bed as I write this! My eldest has finally been able to offically confirm that she is indeed pregnant again. Hard won this time round so it makes this extra special.

I've not been really firing on all cylinders recently and yet this morning there's just a nice feeling to the day. I'm savouring it. There are so many little layers to our lives pulling in different directions that you just have to relish those moments when everything aligns.

With the band we're getting ready for our first big gig of the year at the Hanwell Hootie and are going to include 3 of our own tunes in the set. Some are being revisited and there's one new one which is really our first with collaboration from everyone! We recently started rehearsing in a proper rehearsal studio and it's made a big difference. Enterprise Lodge is so huge and reverberant that we're constantly strugglling to hear each other. Another of the great outcomes from our trip to Wales last year, the understanding that with the right accoustics rehearsing is a lot easier.

So we carry on ticking little boxes here and there as new boxes are created. That's one way of looking at life!

Nick Radclyffe writing about Life at EalingHELP on 07 March 2016

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