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Once again I find that my blog section has been woefully ignored. However I haven't received any official complaints so far so must assume that all is well.

Bit on an in joke there that a few of you might recognise. It has been a busy time on all fronts. For starters we're in the middle of Luke's EHC Plan. As many of you will know we're not Ealing residents but from what I can ascertain it doesn't really matter where you live it is still a tortuous process. Really you feel very helpless and completely out of control. Out Independent Support worker has been very helpful. Whatever you do please contact one as early in the proceedings as possible. In Ealing you can either use Contact a Family or ISAID!. I know the end of that sentence looks wrong but that's their name. You can find out a lot more on our Guide to Independent Support.

I Love Thunder have also been keeping me out of mischief. We had our first major gig of the year at the Hanwell Hootie which was great fun. Additionally we were also the beneficiaries of the fact that Ealing Mencap were one of the official Hootie Charities this year. Which meant we had the added responsibility of trying to organise collections during that manic day back at the beginning of April. Ultimately we had to give up on trying to collect in the various venues as there were just so many people. Still eventually we managed to raise just under £250, which was brilliant. We also sold some copies of our new CD the wonderful 'Welsh Jam'! 

Nick and some of the band at the Hootie earlier this month

We were also involved with Springhallow's Opening ceremony for their new building. We ran a workshop with Eagle Class on the Thursday with the whole band and then  a few of us went back on the Friday for the Opening Ceremony itself and performed on stage with them. Great fun and a real reminder of how great a facilitator music is. We had pupils from 15 years of age joining in and rocking out with us. In fact one who we suspect is a louder drummer than our Dan! Which is saying something!! 

I've also taken on the role of looking after the Ealing Power Group, who represent the opinions of people with learning disabilities at the Ealing Partnership Board. This is still in the early stages as I find my feet. We've had just one meeting together so far and I'm trying to get to know them all a bit better. Who knows we might make an appearance here on EalingHELP to tell you a little more about who we are and the work we do. But let me not get ahead of myself. I need to find out for myself first!

Earlier this week I went along to Gabriel Jones' workshop on Official Complaints which was very interesting and followed on neatly on from the 'What am I entitled to and what should I ask for?' workshop organised by the EPCF the previous week. I am working on a Guide to Complaining as I write this. Well not exactly because that would be impossible. Talking of impossible, I am reading a biography of Nina Simone at the moment and apparently her dad could whistle 2 tunes simultaneously. Trying that should keep us all out of mischief for a while!

Nick Radclyffe writing about Life at EalingHELP on 29 April 2016

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