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Every now and then something else turns up in your life and you ask yourself can I do this?

I'm delighted to say that I am now working with the Power Group in addition to my work here at EalingHELP. For those of you that don't know the Power Group forms part of the Learning Disabilities Partnership Board. They have been in rather a state of flux recently and I'm joining at a time when we need to have a good look at the work we're doing and how we're doing it. Plenty of things to think about.

Consequently everything got thrown up in the air for a while whilst I tried to assimilate my new role into my weekly routine. I think it is fair to say that this is still a work in progress. The problem lies in trying to allocate specific days to specific tasks and whilst that is fine in theory, in reality you are the only one that can really follow that. So there are always situations where answers are expected either due to a specific urgency or impatience! We all seem to expect emails to be answered almost immediately. For years I have resisted the urge to use a smart phone and doggedly continued with my thick version. Can you say that? However this latest addtion to my working week has tipped me over the edge and I have finally joined the throngs of the bent necked, distracted and ruthlessly efficient. I haven't as yet added email into the mix. It seems like a step to far at the moment.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Luke's EHC Plan is reaching it's critical stage where we start to look at MONEY. Having had to wait for ages for Luke to be assigned a social worker, in spite of Hounslow's own criteria stating that all children with Down Syndrome should be assessed on reaching 14 hears of age, we are now about to merge the Social Care Plan into the EH Plan. Well to be strictly true its more of an E plan at the moment. Luke wants to continue to study music and need to do this within in a supported learning environment. Surprisingly there are very few colleges that provide this facility. Plenty of options if you're looking for Perofrming Arts courses featuring dance and drama but not so many when your'e looking for music. We shall see. The Social Team are meeting tomorrow to decide on the Overnight and Social Care elements of the  deal.

On the I Love Thunder front we have some very exciting news as well! We are heading off to Oslo for the 10 - 13 June to take part in a festival organised by our good friends Dissimillis. They're been running this Festival for 25 years and are expecting around 60 different groups to perform. in addition there is a huge party on the Saturday night. Initially I couldn't imagine any way that we could get all the band there but on further investigation found out that Ryan Air had returns for £28! in addition to that we had had a very good April what with the Hootie, busking in Ealing Broadway and also our work at Springhallow, all in all contributing just under £1000 to our ILT coffers. So - tickets are now booked. George Venus will be accompanying us as official cinematographer, so we should be able to share some of the fun from what should be an amazing weekend.

For those of you that don't know, Dissimilis invented the colour coding system that we use with Vince in the band and also at our workshops. Although true to form, as a typical man, I didn't read the instructions and stuck our coloured stickers on in any old order. Consequently we now have a language problem! 

Anne is also away this week visiting her mum in Ireland so I'm left home holding the babies. It's been a long time since they could fall into that category other than as a term of affection. Funnily I was reminded of this just recently on discovering that my nephew and his partner are expecting twins later this year. Their son just turned 1 in January. Visions of lining the babies up on the bed and trying to change their nappies without one of them trying to wriggle away. I seem to remember knees came into play.

So there you have it. The things that keep me out of mischief! 

Nick Radclyffe writing about Life at EalingHELP on 16 May 2016

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