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More action filled fun and adventure ensued as I Love Thunder took off to Oslo on 10th earlier this month. 

So here's the story. Kaja, from Dissimilis, emailed me a couple of months ago to say that it would their 25th Festival Anniversary on the 11th and 12th June. Would we like to come? At first we thought that would be tooooo expensive but then we checked out RyanAir's prices and a single ticket is only £14. We've even got seats for our guitars! 

So on 10th June we headed off to Oslo, with a busy weekend ahead of us. Saturday night there was a big party for all the Dissimilis people and we played a few tunes there. Then, on Sunday, we were playing at the Festival which is in the City Centre right opposite the Nobel Peace Centre. Check us out - the security guard in the pic below was brilliant  - he certainly enjoyed our set.

I Love Thunder - live in Oslo

For those of you that don't know Dissimilis are a Norwegian organisation that help people with learning disabilities to make music. They created the colour coding system that we use for Vinnie and for our workshops. There is a bit of a story to this. In typical male mode I didn't read the instructions when he got the colour stickers and just stuck them on Vinnie's guitar where he thought they looked good. Consequently there is bit of a difference between the colouring systems. Actually we've made a few more changes, as Vinnie can't read, and we've introduced a system of different shapes to indicate the flats and sharps that we use.

We were also really lucky that our good friend, George Venus, tagged along to film the action. Who know's there could be a little rockumentary in the pipeline. Spinal Tap - pah!

So you can imagine that by the time we got back we were all a bit shattered. But there was more to come, for some of us anyway. Luke had his assessment at St. Johns College down in Brighton on Thursday and Friday so we headed off there late on Wednesday evening to make sure we were at the college for 9 the following day. After a very soggy walk from the B&B up the hill to St Johns (this is when I realised that Luke had only packed one pair of trousers) he was whisked off with Gavin who was showing him around and I had another very soggy walk back to the station. Returning the following day to pick him up I was regaled with tales of extended jams in the music room and bowling the night before. This time we took the bus back!

Nick and luke on the bus in Brighton

I actually bought a hat specially for the occasion.

This is when your heart starts to crumble a little as I believe I have mentioned once or twice already on these pages. He really enjoyed himself and it seems to be a perfect fit for him on all fronts. We now have to wait to see if St Johns agree and then if our local authority are prepared to provide the necessary funding. We are not Ealing residents.

There was more - we had agreed to perform at Pield Heath's Summer Fayre on the Saturday but only 3 of us were available! We had a lovely time playing some of the old songs Lukey and I play on the ukes with Vinnie providing percussion on the Tambourine. A bit of a change from the previous weekend but still proof that we can have fun making music in all sorts of places. The more I am involved with the band the more convinced I am that music should be part of everyone's life. Get off your phones and tablets and get a uke you never know where you'll end up!!




Nick Radclyffe writing about Life at EalingHELP on 22 June 2016

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