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Luke has had a phone for quite a while now. We bought it originally when he started travel training whilst he was still at Elthorne.

He could call us when at various key points on his journey such as reaching the bus stop and getting to school. However we alsoo decided to only get a very basic phone which could only input text using the numerical buttons. Consequently texting never really happened. Since leaving Elthorne the phone was mainly used to answer calls from his girlfriend. Luke was never much good at initiating conversations.

However over the half term we decided to try a smart phone. We bought a Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini* and it has made such a difference. Luke finds the Querty keyboard very easy to use and I think texting really suits him. Both in terms of allowing him to express himself but also giving him the time to read and reply at his own pace. We've had some wonderful conversations that allow his humour to shine through, that have addressed worries that he has had and that he has initiated. Anne must take the credit for this idea, as with so many things. In retrospect it seems like common sense.

He is not taking it to college at the moment, so the phone stays in his bedroom. I know his support worker has said that Luke enjoyed playing the Pokemon game on his phone, so perhaps he'll try on his own now.

Finally a little bit about half term. It was lovely to have him home! We went to Pizza Express Jazz Club, he went to a Disney Musical singalong at The Albert Hall with his sister, he came to the Ealing Mencap AGM (mainly so he could have a go on the big swing), we watched movies, snuggled up on the sofa, he ignored us, we played a gig with the band and we chatted. The sound of his footsteps, his room door being closed, fixing the HDMI lead for his DVD treats every morning (well it was half-term), the notes. Here's one for you:


...and before you ask - we're not sure! 

*a simple phone with a touch screen and a basic monthly package.


Nick Radclyffe writing about Life at EalingHELP on 08 November 2016

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