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Although it was a while ago, as time just keeps on slipping away, Easter was very special.

Christmas was just a bit frantic, the February half-term was focused on my mum's funeral, so Easter gave us all a chance to spend some time with each other without too many intrusions. I took some time off and Luke and I took off for some wonderful days out. The tandem was put to good use and we headed off on our Richmond Park route several times, including a visit to Ham House. I must admit that a couple of times we were being overtaken by snails on the way back home but it was enough to remind me how much I enjoy his company even if he wasn't pedalling very hard!

Here's a couple of pics from one of our tandem rides - about 12 miles a pop. First is up at the little cafe up the hill in Terrace Gardens and then the other is up the hill in Richmond Park looking back down towards Pen Ponds. Getting ready for the highlight of the ride - the whizz down to Sheen Gate, seeing if we can get airborne on the speed bumps! 

Healthy lunch Pen ponds in the background

Nowadays it is very rare that we are all in the house together and to find all the children's bedroom doors closed in the morning was also very special. You know, one of those moments that just sneak up on you. You're walking downstairs and look at the closed doors and then realise what they actually mean - we're all home. 

I realise this is getting a bit sentimental but there we are - that's what blogging is about. Everything is up for grabs. It felt very empty when Luke went back again but I'm going back tomorrow to pick him up again, as for some strange reason that's what happens on Bank Holidays at St. John's. Then the following weekend he'll be back again as I Love Thunder are playing at the Hootie. 5th year running and very exciting. We're on at 3:30 at the Inn on the Green. We've been on a but of a roll and have several new songs ready for you all. Possibly including one that is based around a bizarre text exchange Luke and I had towards the end of last year entitled Clandestine Archways. Nothing whatsoever to do with Apple Tree Yard! I say possibly as this song is not quite there yet. Watch this space. 

Nick Radclyffe writing about Life at EalingHELP on 27 April 2017

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