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Next week I'll be heading off to Brighton to attend the end of year concert at St. John's and then the following week we'll be heading back for prize day (although I don't think anybody uses that term anymore) and to bring him home.

Montage of Luke dancing to the Brass Band

Here he is last Saturday dancing away to the Hangleton Brass Band at Brighton Marina. Lukey does love a good bop! I tried this montage to get an idea of him actually dancing as some of the photos gave the impression that he was playing football!

He does get very tired at this stage of the school year and we are also constantly monitoring for evidence of his temporal seizures in order to build up a picture for the Neurologist when we head back to see him in December. Luke always puts on a good show and manages to hide to a great extent the anxiety that he feels before a performance. I recognise, from having watched him at various gigs, the slight tremor in his hands and am quite aware of the effect this as as I suffer in the same way. This and a lack of sleep exacerbate his seizures.  It will be good for him to come back and be able to rest for a while. I have a feeling that often his deepest sleep happens just before it's time to wake up. He won't sleep without a light on either. Complicated.

He's starting to learn the violin at the moment and I'm quoting from Gavin, his support worker, here - Luke has been practising violin, he chose strings to harmonise with chords and different ways of playing the notes either stabbing or with long strokes. It is amazing how his musical education is progressing and how he is being exposed to so much, continuing with his theory classes, piano, ukulele, singing and song writing. 

I know we're all looking forward to the summer and to having him with us for all that time. The sound of his heavy footedness as he wanders around the house reestablishing his presence and routines. Can't wait!



Nick Radclyffe writing about Life at EalingHELP on 05 July 2017

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