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Again a while has passed since I last put fingers to keyboard (doesn't quite have the same ring to it as 'pen to paper' does it?).

Luke is now back at home with us for Christmas and has been impressing with his organisational skills. For example this morning I had just emerged from the shower when he reminded me that it was gone half past nine already and we should be heading off to Osterley, where he was joing the out Barn gardening group for the day. Although when I picked him up from college on Wednesday he needed help redistributing the weight in his 2 bags. He had the heaviest items in his backpack. Mind you I think we all continue to learn life skills as long as we're living!

We've had another recent visit to the neurologist and Luke has been referred for a Holter scan to see if they can catch any activity. I took along more videos to show including one where Luke was obviously 'stimming'. It's quite interesting comparing this with one of his absences. There are similarities but is the cause the same. Hopefully the scan will produce some answers. We are very keen for him to enjoy as much independence as possible as he relishes it. Again when getting the bus from college to the station in Brighton he told me that the No1 bus would do the trick. However he was mistaken. Luckily we spotted it in time as we headed Hoveward. However last time he had said that the 27 bus went past his house and that time he was absolutely correct and saved us treckng up the hill. He's working it all out.

Sadly there is a new student with complex nut allergies at St. John's and obviously there has been a college wide ban which has thrown Luke's granola out of the question. At the moment he's eating mini Shredded Wheat. He's also disovered Burger King and Big Whoppers which isn't so encouraging. However things like this are almost inevitable, although there may well be a little coercion at play here.

In my previous blog I mentioned our forthcoming gig in Croydon at Club Soda which we really enjoyed. Luke came up from Brighton, Vinnie came up from Billingshurst and off we went. Great gig, great crowd and atmosphere. Here is the world's premier of Drifter Coaster, just in case you missed it! It's just such a joy to be part of this band.


I was having a chat with the manager of another band recently who mentioned that their son had perfect pitch. I mentioned that we had never had to worry about things like that! Part of the I Love Thunder charm. 

We're looking forward to next year and certainly the chance to spend some time at home over the next week. For the first time in a while there won't be so many of us - a subdued Christmas in many ways. 

Although not for everyone - here's my grandson starring in his very first Christmas spectacular!

Nick Radclyffe writing about Life at EalingHELP on 22 December 2017

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