Bladder and Bowel Service


This is a brief update on the Ealing Parent Carer Forum’s discussions with the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) about the problems with the Bladder & Bowel Service. If you need nappies for older children with continence problems we’re sure you would like to know what is happening.

Before the summer they were told by several parents that the service for children had stopped, i.e. that they could not get nappies anymore through the service and could not get through to anyone to explain why and what was happening. Parents had previously reported continuous problems with getting the right size or quality nappies for their children.

A meeting was finally arranged with 2 members of the Ealing CCG in August. They explained that as far as they were concerned the CCG is funding an all age service (including for children) but that the NW London NHS Trust, who have the contract for delivering the service, tell them they cannot do so. They are currently in discussions to come to a solution. They were quite keen to get direct feedback from parents as they had not been aware of some of the issues reported to us. 

So it would really helpful if you could complete this brief survey. Just 6 multiple choice questions, it shouldn't take longer than 3 minutes unless you want to give details and add anything in the comment box at the end.

The survey is completely anonymous, we will not see your email address or details when you complete it. Thank you!

The survey will run for 3 weeks (until the 8th October 2017) and all results will be fed back to the CCG. There will be an open meeting for any interested parents with a representative from the CCG probably at the beginning of October, we will let you know the date.