Overnight Respite News

We've taken the following update on Overnight Respite developments directly from Brigitte's email to members of the Ealing Parent Carer Forum.

Since the closure of Heller House a group of dedicated parents together with Jen Moseley from EalingMencap have remained closely involved in the planning of the new overnight respite facility Ealing will build at a Northolt site. For all those families waiting for information on progress and what the provision will be like, here is an update so far:

The plans for the overnight respite home have now been agreed between the parent group and Ealing officers. As Cabinet has in principle agreed to spend the money (£1,5 million) this plan will now go to the Planning Committee within the next 4-6 weeks. Parent carers will continue to be involved in the detailed planning of the unit and additionally discussions around eligibility for accessing the service to try to improve clarity and consistency in this area. Parent /carers will also participate in the tendering process for the organisation running the service. Please see attached the plans for the unit so far. These aren't necessarily the final plans, some further changes may occur.

The unit will be a 6 bed unit with 3 bedrooms on the ground floor for wheelchair users and 3 bedrooms upstairs for users with different needs. There is a flat roof which may provide potential for future expansion. There is still some discussion around a piece of green space the parent group is very keen to add to the existing garden. The private developer owning this piece of land may be willing to part with it. Jen (Ealing Mencap) would be willing to take anyone interested in looking at the site around. It looks smaller from the outside than it actually is.

After the planning committee hopefully gives the green light, both the building and the service proposal will go out to tender. Ealing do not want to run the service themselves. The Log Cabin would have been one of the organisations putting in a bid when the discussion was about a potential unit on their site. They may still be interested and similar groups may also apply (Kids, SevaCare etc). Ealing (Chris Jones) has agreed to parents participating in the tendering process, i.e. participate in interviews and selection of service provider.

We will update you with any further developments over the next months and years. There is no estimated opening time of the new facility yet but we hope to be able to give you one some time soon.

Drawings in pdf format:

Ground Floor

First Floor

Site Plan