Mainstream High Needs Funding

Summary of Parental Feedback at a recent meeting on High Needs funding in mainstream schools. 

  • The need for more and better awareness and understanding of SEND in mainstream schools
  • S&L and OT services received a high buy back from Ealing schools and their feedback was largely positive. He had been surprised to hear the criticism of the S&L service but was generally not averse to introducing an element of competition. Gary Redhead acknowledged the need to raise standards for all services and some competition could be an option.
  • Trust and communication between Ealing services and parents continue to be a main issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Gary had also received feedback from Ealing’s secondary schools confirming the point put across by parents that there needed to be stronger input from primary schools into the transition process.

You can read the full report here - High Needs Funding NOV 17