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This saga just seems to run and run - 

The EPCF have received the following feedback from a parent who was visited by a nurse carrying out the reassessment of a child who had outgrown the previous nappy size.

The nurse told the parent she was only hired temporarily and that there was no long term plan for accepting and assessing new claims. At the moment she is apparently focused on doing reassessments only as Ontex (the nappy company) have apparently said they will suspend the service for any patients who have not had a reassessment

She said she was doing the reassessments for another two weeks or so. We would advise any parent who is currently using the service for the child to hurry up and book an appointment with her through the Bladder & Bowel Service as soon as possible on:
Tel: 0208 3835749
The EPCF have contacted the comissioners with a request for confirmation and clarification and they have so far only replied saying they would investigate and get back to them. So we cannot definitely say if any family will in fact lose the service but it would seem prudent to contact them asap anyway!