Richmond upon Thames College

Richmond upon Thames College (RuTC) exists to help all of its students to achieve their full potential. It seeks to do that by providing


  • a broad and responsive curriculum
  • outstanding teaching, learning and training
  • comprehensive systems of academic and personal support
  • opportunities to engage in a wide range of enrichment activities
  • an institutional commitment to excellence

thereby fostering the skills, qualifications and experiences likely to enhance personal development, employability and citizenship. Whilst sensitive to changing political and economic priorities, and aware of the need for prudent financial management, the fundamental purpose of the College is teaching, learning and student achievement.

RuTC is pleased to welcome students from many different backgrounds and abilities. The College’s primary focus is full-time students aged 16-19 and their preparation for University, training or the workplace.

The following courses are suitable for students with learning disabilities

  • Skillwise course
    • How long – 2 years
    • For – students with severe learning disabilities
    • Age 16 to 25
    • Co-ordinator Sue Byrne
  • Workwise course
    • How long - 2 years
    • For students with moderate learning disabilities
    • Age 16 to 21
    • Co-ordinator - Nuala Orton
  • Further Education Award (FEA)
    • How long – 1 year
    • For school leavers
    • Age 16+
    • Helping students get ready for a job
  • Foundation Training Entry 2 (FTE)
    • How long – 1 year
    • For school leavers with a moderate learning disability or problems with their behaviour or emotions
    • Aged 16 to 18 or students who have completed an FEA

Street: Egerton Road  
Town: Twickenham
County: Middlesex
Post Code: TW2 7SJ
Contact: Patsy Golding
Telephone: 020 8607 8000


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