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London North West University Healthcare hospitals introduces new information for patients with learning disabilities, autism or both and their carers

We all know going into hospital can be a daunting time for anyone, but if that person has a learning disability, autism or both it can be terrifying. So to help these patients and their carers prepare, Chloe Donovan, the Learning Disabilities Lead Nurse in the hospital in conjunction with social services, local CCGs and advocate groups (working group) have produced some helpful information.

Chloe says: “It’s really important for this cohort of patients and their carers to prepare as much as they can when they need to come to hospital for an appointment or an operation. The information we have produced is easy read step-by-step guides to visiting our services, so that patients and carers know what to expect”.

As well as leaflets explaining what happens at an outpatient appointment, there is also a new concise ‘health passport’. This allows patients and carers to help staff identify and understand their particular needs and to treat them accordingly. The passport is particularly helpful for those unplanned or emergency trips to hospital as it should be completed in advance and brought in with the patient.

The new passport is coming in November and training will be given to families and carers via advocate groups such as Certitude, Mencap, Power Group and community nursing teams.

You can download a copy here

Chloe and her team have developed a care bundle for use during inpatient stays.  The care bundle provides staff with guidance on the necessary steps to be implemented when a patient with a learning disability, autism or both is an inpatient at the hospital.  This gives reassurance to all that the patient will be well looked after and reasonable adjustments are made during their time at the hospital.

All this information and more will soon be available on the Trust website. Meanwhile, do contact Chloe and her team when coming into hospital so that reasonable adjustments will be put in place.

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