Ofsted come to town

This is an important message from Brigitte at the Ealing Parent Carer Forum.

Below is information about the upcoming Local Area Ofsted / CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspection of Ealing's SEND services which will take place next week starting on the 21st January 2019. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept here is a little background:

These inspections were introduced a few years ago. They are NOT the type of inspections you know from your child's school but inspections of all special needs related services in the local area, health, social care and education. The inspection will last a week and look in particular at identification of SEND, the assessment of SEND and outcomes for the children / young people. As a result of the inspection a letter will be published with the findings. If the Local Area is found wanting in some areas there will be written recommendations for actions and the inspectors will come back within 12-18 months.

We have just received notification that Ealing's SEND services will be inspected next week.

As part of the inspection parents' views will also be sought. The inspectors will do this in 3 different ways:

  1. They will visit some schools, mainstream and special. Some of you may receive a letter from your school asking if you are happy to speak to inspectors at your child's school.
  2. They will meet with parent representatives from us (the EPCF). We currently have about 14 parent representatives who are either members of our Steering Group or have often participated in Focus Groups and have taken on representation for the inspection in one of the areas inspected (e.g. Pathways into adulthood, assessments for EHCPs, CAMHS services, Therapies, Information & Advice etc). We will aim to send at least one parent representative into all of the Focus Group meetings Ofsted will hold with Ealing services and will have one meeting just between parent reps and Ofsted / CQC inspectors. As we knew that this inspection was coming we did already prepare a written submission to ensure the main points raised by parents over the past year would be heard. I attach the summary for your information (a general submission, some case studies and our Issue Log summary for 2018).
  3. They will run an open webinar for all parents to join in at any time this week.  The webinar will be available on demand between the 14th January and 22 January 2019. I have just tried it out, it is open now. You just need to click on the link below to get into it but I would recommend the following:

It is a pre-recorded webinar (with a voice talking to you), not just a survey. At the beginning you are asked for your name and email address. You are then guided through several slides where the inspection process is explained. You are then asked several questions with multiple choice answer options. Only at the end can you add comments by clicking on the little speech bubble in the bottom right corner for questions and comments.

The whole process took me about 20 minutes so please do it when you have a little time!

Here is the link:

Needless to say it would be brilliant if many of you could contribute to this! The more parents feed into the process the better. I will send out reminders throughout the rest of the week.

I have booked the Large Meeting Room at the Lido Centre with laptops and (hopefully) wifi for Thursday 17th and Friday 18th this week from 10am to 1pm for any parent to come in and use who wants to give feedback but has never done a webinar before. Please could you let parents know? Thanks.

Many thanks. This is a unique opportunity to give feedback that really does count!

Please ocntact Brigitte if you have an questions. you can email her at info@epcf.org.uk.