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As LD Week approaches I've been busy with the Power Group's Capability Town project - which is proving a bit crazy to say the least!

The idea behind it is to encourage people to imagine a place where we* are in control. There are loads of different topics up for discussion and what's proving really interesting is that, once you start, many other issues crop up. I'm actively encouraging crazy ideas as they help us to loosen our usual constraints but at the same time they still need to be talked about in practical terms. "How could we do that?"

We've started 'Celebrity Carer' earlier on Monday. Which celebrity would you choose to support you? We certainly had a few eye openers in response to that one and are looking forward to a few more!

So I'm really looking forward to Spectacular - a capable fair, which is coming up next week from 11am - 3pm on Wednesday 20 JUN over at Impact Theatre.  There will be loads of craft stalls featuring work from many different providers including Real Me (Ealing Mencap), The ARC (Certitude), National Autistic Society, Cowgate, Bead Sew Crafty, My Space, Impact Theatre and CHOICE. The Power Group will be there collecting ideas as to how Capability Town might turn out!

*When I say 'we' I mean people with learning disabilities.

Nick Radclyffe - Website Manager | 13 June 2018 | Email EalingHELP

“The website for parents/carers of children with disabilities living in Ealing”

New Additions and Updates Minimize
Fair Multimedia
FAIR Multimedia publishes a range of health materials specifically designed for people with learning disabilities.   Read More
Blue Badge Scheme Blue Badge Scheme
The Blue Badge Scheme provides a national arrangement of parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties who travel either as passengers or are registered blind. Read More
The Performing Arts Childrens Charity The Performing Arts Children's Charity
They run drama and dance workshops in Hampton on Fridays and the children and teachers are very keen to impress with their end-of-term performances that are put on for families and carers. Read More
Ealing  Bladder and Bowel Service Ealing Bladder and Bowel Service
The Bladder and Bowel Health Service caters for children of 4 years and above.  Read More
Ealing Parent Carers Forum Ealing Parent Carers' Forum
Our Ealing Parent Carer Forum was set up to give local parents a voice in planning and delivering services to children with disabilities/additional needs.  Read More
Motionspot Motionspot
Motionspot specialise in the design of accesible bathrooms, wet rooms and washrooms. So if you want more than a clinical environment then they can come up with a more pleasing solution.  Read More
Brentford Penguins FC Brentford Penguins FC
Former Brentford FC legend Allan Cockram (played in the 1980's and early 90's) and Dan Wood have created the  Brentford Penguins FC  - a club designed especially for young people with Down's Syndrome in association with the DSA and Brentford FC.  Read More
Ealing BMX Club Wingz Ealing BMX Club Wingz
Wingz BMX is a new inclusive BMX session for children and young people with additional needs delivered by British Cycling qualified coaches. Read More
The Richmond Knights The Richmond Knights
Venue due to change but will be in Teddington area. Please call or email to find current venue. Children and young people do not have to have a disability - friends can also go along. They provide specialist basketball wheelchairs. Costs around £5 per session. Read More
Locata Ealing Website Locata Ealing Website
Ealing Housing Options gives you the housing information you need so you can make the right choices.  Read More
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Bladder and Bowel Survey Bladder and Bowel Survey
The Ealing Parent Carer Forum would really like to hear from parents regarding reassessments being carried out and the quality and quantity of the products being delivered by the Bladder and Bowel Serivce. Read More
Speech and Language Survey Speech and Language Survey
If your child attends a mainstream school in Ealing and is receiving Speech & Language Therapy at school PLEASE could you quickly complete this survey? Read More
More Bladder and Bowel news More Bladder and Bowel news
The nurse told the parent she was only hired temporarily and that there was no long term plan for accepting and assessing new claims. Read More
Dont miss out on DLA Don't miss out on DLA
You can still make a claim for DLA providing your child is eligible and under 16. Many families are missing out as they're not sure whether their child is eligible. Read More
Bladder and Bowel Latest Bladder and Bowel Latest
We've just received this update from Brigitte at the Ealing Parent Carer Forum on their progress with the Paediatric Bladder and Bowel Service in Ealing. Read More
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